New Tool Song Coming This Wednesday; Album Cover Art Revealed


Tool keeps dishing out a little more new info about its upcoming album, Fear Inoculum, every day. The band revealed on Monday (August 5th) that the title track will be released online this Wednesday (August 7th), while also sharing the enigmatic cover artwork.

Guitarist Adam Jones, who spearheads much of the band's design work, told us a while back how visuals have always played a major role in the band's music: "I've just always thought in vision, I mean, just, like, putting on headphones when I was a kid and trying to dream stuff while I was listening to music. I guess I still do that today when I play. But it's a lot more emotional than visual and I know that sounds pretentious, but it really is, what the four of us do. The visuals just kind of, like, bring themselves in it."

Fear Inoculum will arrive on August 30th and will follow up 2006's 10,000 Days. The new LP is said to be around 80 to 85 minutes long, while comprised of just seven tracks.

Tool has been playing two songs, reportedly titled "Descending" and "Invincible," during its recent live shows. Both tracks are expected to show up on Fear Inoculum.