Nickelback's Chad Kroeger Never Gets Tired Of Playing 'How You Remind Me'

Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger was asked at the 30th annual SOCAN Awards on Monday night (April 1st) if he ever gets tired of performing hits like "How You Remind Me." Kroeger replied, "People say all the time, they're always asking me, 'Do you get sick of playing the hits?' . . . I always say, when I play the first note and everybody starts singing along at the top of their lungs, how could you be? No. Not even close. It's the most wonderful thing."

Kroeger continued, "I wrote a song that everybody wants to sing along to, and it's just amazing, and I'm so grateful. I'm grateful to the song, and I speak of it as that -- it's an entity. And it's done so many wonderful things for me. Not having to eat Kraft Dinner for the rest of my life -- unless you choose to, which I often do -- is amazing."

Kroeger recalled a while back when the group realized it had a major smash on its hands with "How You Remind Me": "Soon as the record company got that weird look in their eye. You know, there's like these dollar signs in all their eyes, and they were just thinkin', 'Sales sales sales.' No, we never really...I think we, we're slow learners. I think it was not until it actually really started climbing up the charts, on several different charts, in several different countries, we all sort of went, 'Hey, I think we can stop flippin' burgers."

Kroeger was honored at the SOCAN Awards as the "Most Performed Songwriter." The Canadian performance rights organization held its annual event at the Sheraton Centre Hotel in Toronto.

Nickelback is continuing to tour in support of its ninth album, Feed The Machine, which was released in June 2017.