Nipsey Hussle's Alleged Killer Caught

Nipsey Hussle’s alleged killer, Eric Holder, was taken into custody on Tuesday afternoon (April 2nd) in Bellflower, California. According to The Blast, when Holder was apprehended, he was allegedly trying to check himself into a mental health facility. A witness on the scene said that Holder had called a mental health facility and claimed that he needed “help.” 

Holder was arrested in the parking lot of Telecare Los Angeles Hopes and Opportunities Program, which according to their website, the facility “operates under contract with the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health to provide culturally competent mental health services to adults with serious mental illnesses.” 

Sources close to the situation told The Blast that Holder allegedly has a history of mental illness, and it was known among his friends that he had previously sought treatment at a facility. 

Officers reported on Tuesday afternoon that they had a “187 suspect” held at gunpoint when they handcuffed Holder. He was later identified by the LAPD as the suspect in Nipsey Hussle’s murder. 


Meanwhile, a press conference was held on Tuesday (April 2nd), where LAPD Chief Michel Moore told reporters of Holder and shared details leading up to Nipsey’s death. Moore said, “To Mr. Holder, who I am confident is watching this … I ask him to surrender. There should be no safe haven for this individual. This is a man who is of substantial risk to public safety and willing to use violence and we want to see that stop.”

Moore continued about the details leading up to Nipsey’s killing, [“Mr. Holder walked up on multiple occasions and engaged in a conversation with Nipsey and the others that were there. He left and subsequently came back armed with a handgun, and purposely and repeatedly fired, striking and killing Nipsey Hussle.”] SOUNDCUE (:16 OC . . . killing Nipsey Hustle)

Officers said that Holder fled to a nearby alley after the shooting, where he got into a getaway car — a Chevy Cruz, driven by an unidentified woman, who has since turned herself in and was let free. According to TMZ, the woman admitted to knowing Holder, but has denied involvement in the shooting or that she was the getaway driver. She said that when Holder came back in the car, he did not mention anything about the shooting. 

TMZ later reported that after the woman spoke with police, she was let go. However, sources say that she could be arrested and/or charged at some point in the future. A source connected to the case also said, “Sometimes you have to give a little to get a lot,” which TMZ translates as “if she talks, she walks.” 


In other news, Nipsey’s girlfriend, Lauren London, who is also the mother of their son, Kross, has broken her silence on the rapper’s tragic death. She shared photos of her, Nipsey and their son, along with a caption that said, “I am completely lost. I’ve lost my best friend. My sanctuary My protector My soul…. I’m lost without you We are lost without you babe I have no words.”

Nipsey’s sister also wrote, “You are my heart. You are my strength my wisdom my joy my balance. You are my Superhero. Invincible to me. I feel so safe with you. I feel so covered and protected. Imperfections do not exist with you because you are flawless. I need you I need you please let me hold you again. You are my baby. To the world you are the strongest man and to me you are the most vulnerable innocent child. Your heart is pure they don’t know you like we know you. Your love is expansive. Talk to me again. You’ve taught me so much. You hold me down through everything. I got Lauren. I got Emani. I got Kross. I got Sam, he is my responsibility now. He is my big little brother. I got mommy and Granny and Pop. You gave me so many tools. You gave me so much insight. We will talk every second of everyday and I am here to carry out your vision. Ermias God Will Rise. I love you forever and I will cry forever. You are my lifeline as long as I am here you are too.”

Russell Westbrook of the Oklahoma City Thunder paid tribute to Nipsey as well. Westbrook, who is from Los Angeles, finished his game against the Los Angeles Lakes with a triple double — 20 points, 20 rebounds, and 21 assists, which he dedicated to Nipsey. During a post-game interview, Westbrook said, “That wasn't for me. That was for my bro. That was for Nipsey. 20 plus 20 plus 20. They know what that means,” referencing the Rollin 60’s, which Nipsey was affiliated with. 

On another note, a petition has been put in place for the intersection of Crenshaw Blvd. and Slauson Ave. to be renamed in honor of Nipsey Hustle. According to XXL Mag, non-profit organization Project Islamic H.O.P.E. launched the petition on Monday (April 1st). Crenshaw Blvd. and Slauson Ave. is where Nipsey’s Marathon Clothing store is located, but it is also where he was killed on Sunday (March 31st). At the time of reporting, the petition had over 200,000 signatures.