Nipsey Hussle's Memorial To Be Removed

Nipsey Hussle’s memorial outside of his Marathon Clothing story will be removed following people trying to make money off of it. According to TMZ, fans who gathered outside of the memorial to pay their respects at the store, which is located on Crenshaw and Slauson in Los Angeles, have been hounded by bootleggers and grifters trying to make money off of Nipsey’s death.

After Nipsey was killed outside of the Marathon store on March 31st, fans filled the outside of the store with flowers, balloons, pictures, notes and candles. People have since been selling bootleg T-shirts with Nipsey’s image, while others are offering paid tour of Nipsey’s neighborhood. Some people are even charging fans to walk through the area where Nipsey was shot.

Sources close to the late rapper said that they decided to shut down the memorial because its become disrespectful and Nipsey is not being properly honored.

Instead, Nipsey’s family plans to honor him by way of his foundation, which according to Rap-Up, aims to "improve his community by rebuilding playgrounds, helping improve public parks in Crenshaw, and developing STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) programs for students."