Nipsey Hussle's Team Dismisses Rumors About Rapper's Relationship With Alleged Murderer

Nipsey Hussle’s team has spoken out to deny rumors about the rapper’s relationship with his alleged killer. According to Complex, a six-month old video has surfaced the net of Nipsey outside of his Marathon clothing store in South Los Angeles. In the footage, the rapper is seen in a crowd of people and hugs a man who many believed to be Eric Holder — who was arrested and charged in connection with the shooting.

The video appears to support claims made by BG Knocc Out, who said that Holder was previously signed to Nipsey’s label under the name, Sh*tty Cuz. BG Knocc Out told Vlad TV, "He was actually on Nipsey’s label before. And then I think he caught a gun case with one of the homies or something. Something happened where they went to jail and he’s supposed to had said something. So, they pretty much kicked him out, you know what I mean? For snitching. They didn’t kill him or beat him down or nothing like that, but they just told him to stay away, like, 'You can’t hang out.' He probably took that some type of way 'cause he got the hood all over his body."

A member of Nipsey’s camp has dismissed rumors that he was associated with Holder. The source told XXL that the suspected killer was never signed to the All Money In label, and that he was not the man seen hugging Nipsey in the video. The source said, "Nipsey is embracing Flacco, who is NOT Eric Holder."