Nipsey Hussle Was Working To Bring Economic Developments To Low-Income Cities

Nipsey Hussle has proven to be a man of is word. According to The Los Angeles Times, prior to the rapper’s death, he was working to bring economic developments to 11 different cities. Nipsey was a part of an investment group that was working to revive L.A., as well as other low-income cities, Washington, D.C. and Puerto Rico.

Real estate developer, David Gross, who worked with Nipsey on the Our Opportunity community investment fund, said, "Nipsey wanted to be a symbol and really spark a movement. Basically, it was the economic version of Black Lives Matter. That is what we were trying to create."

Nipsey and the investment group also had plans to add 80 apartment units to the strip mall that houses his Marathon Clothing store. Gross and other investors will formally unveil the Our Opportunity fund later this month.