Nothing More Addresses Mass Shootings In New Video

Nothing More has addressed the issue of mass shootings in its new music video for the song "Let ‘Em Burn." The video portrays several shootings from past years, but bypasses the question of gun control for another approach. The band said in a statement, "We're stuck in this mode where we fight over political problems instead of human solutions. More guns or less guns isn't the question. The real question is, why are we killing each other?" Singer Jonny Hawkins continued, "The ‘villain and victim’ narrative in media is so seared into our brains that we can’t see straight. We are blind to human solutions because our emotions have been glued to political problems, and it has paralyzed our progress." Hawkins continued, "Most of us know that mental health is the cause of mass shootings, yet we are obsessed with talking about the symptoms and gridlocking ourselves in political battles without proper action. It’s time to find solutions . . . It’s time to focus on mental health." "Let 'Em Burn" is the latest single from Nothing More's 2017 LP, The Stories We Tell Ourselves, which also features the Top 10 rock singles "Go To War," "Do You Really Want It?" and "Just Say When." Nothing More is partnering with To Write Love On Her Arms to focus on mental health and will donate one dollar from every ticket purchased for its upcoming tour to the organization. The trek will launch on February 21st in Phoenix, with support from Of Mice & Men, Badflower and Palisades.