OneRepublic Stars In New Jeep Super Bowl Commercial

OneRepublic and Jeep have extended their relationship with a new Super Bowl commercial, which the automaker has released ahead of Sunday’s big game.

The ad is called "More Than Just Words," and it’s described as a "illustrative narration" of "The Star Spangled Banner." It features a montage of American life that corresponds with the national anthem’s lyrics.

In the clip, Ryan Tedder and the rest of OneRepublic enter a recording studio, where Ryan starts to sing, "Oh say, can you see." Each word he sings is illustrated by an image – for example, as he sings "can," someone opens up the pull-tab of a soda can. When he sings "see," there is a woman looking around a city at night time.

The band continues playing the song as an instrumental version with images that illustrate each word, such as "light," "hail," "dawn," "stars," "wave" and more.

The ad ends with Ryan singing, "O’er the land of the free/and the home of the brave." The last image, illustrating "brave," is of an elderly man in his army uniform, saluting in a mirror. The ad is designed to hit you square in the feels.