Oprah Opens Up About Her Amazing Success

Oprah Winfrey has opened up about her successful career -- saying that she has had "amazing grace" in her life. She explained to Elle India, "If you look at where I was born, where I was raised in rural Mississippi at a time when it was an apartheid state – the chances of me being who I am, where I am…nobody would have believed it was possible. So yes, the lesson is amazing grace does exist." She also opened up about the political climate that the country is in now. She said, "I think the most important thing is to understand that although we can all have different political or religious beliefs, we can still have the same core values. Do we respect the right of others to believe what they want to believe, first and foremost?" OPRAH SAYS SHE'LL THINK TWICE ABOUT GIVING THE HOMELESS AFTER BALTIMORE STABBING In other news, Oprah recently tweeted that she will think twice about giving to the homeless after a 54-year-old woman was fatally stabbed in East Baltimore. She wrote, "This story struck my heart. I've done this a 1k times. But will think twice before ever doing again. To J.S. family I hope her death gets people 'woke' to change!" Jacquelyn Smith -- and electrical engineer from Aberdeen, Maryland was riding in a car with her husband Keith Snit and her stepdaughter after midnight on Saturday (December 1st) when she attempted to give money to a homeless woman with a baby. The homeless woman was allegedly panhandling in the freezing rain and was holding up a sign that read, "Please help me feed my baby." When Smith rolled down the front passenger window to give the woman money, a man approached the car and stabbed her in the chest. Smith was pronounced dead at a hospital.