Papa Roach Singer Says Rock Music Isn't Dead

Papa Roach frontman Jacoby Shaddix told Consequence Of Sound in a new interview that, unlike some of his contemporaries, he doesn't believe that rock music is dead. Shaddix explained, "Rock 'n' roll is a lifestyle -- it's a culture. People have a lot of interesting things to say about it, and I look at it, and it's so strong, in my opinion, because so many other genres pick and steal form rock 'n' roll."

Shaddix added, "We might not be on the front cover of every magazine, but if you look at how these hip-hop or pop kids are influenced by punk and hard rock and heavy metal, it's trippy to see these kids wearing all these patched up pants and edgy styles, and I'm like, 'You know where that came from, right?' I think it's exciting."

Shaddix told us a while back that Papa Roach's shifting style helps set them apart. "Papa Roach sticks out like a turd in a punch bowl. We don't fit in anywhere. We're like the bastard cousin to the rock scene, you know, and that's how we've been ever since. You know, it's like, we're not punk enough to be in the punk scene, we're not metal enough to be in the metal scene, we're not hardcore enough to be in the hardcore scene. We're just what we are, you know, and like, we have to, like, embrace that, we can't be ashamed of it."

Papa Roach's current single is "Elevate," which just entered the Top 10 at rock radio. The track is the third single taken from the band's 10th and latest studio album, Who Do You Trust?, following the title track and "Not The Only One."

Papa Roach's summer 2019 headlining tour with Asking Alexandria and Bad Wolves will kick off on July 27th in Dallas, wrapping up on September 1st in Las Vegas.