Papa Roach Singer To Mark Seven Years Of Sobriety Next Month

Papa Roach frontman Jacoby Shaddix told Detroit radio station WRIF that 2019 will mark his seventh year of sobriety. Shaddix explained, "That's probably one of the best decisions I made in my life, one of the biggest changes -- putting down the bottle. I'm coming up, actually, in February on seven years of not partying and drinking. And it saved my life. Honestly, I don't think I would still be doing this if I stayed partying."

Shaddix added, "You hear these stories, these tragic stories about these rock and rollers dying at such a young age, and I felt like my clock was ticking . . . I just don't wanna go before my time. I've got so much more to do and so much more to say. I wanna be doing this for a long time. I wanna be a grandpa. I've got all these other things I wanna do with my life that take time. I need it."

Seven years ago, as the band was working on its 2012 album The Connection, Shaddix hit rock bottom. He had been battling his addictions for a decade, cleaning up and then relapsing over and over. After the near-dissolution of his marriage and a battle with suicidal depression, Shaddix finally got sober once and for all.

Shaddix told us a while back why he had to put the brakes on: "It's like a major change in my life, you know, something like -- I use, like, booze as a way to, like, not deal with life, you know what I'm saying? And you know, I came to a point, something in my life had to change. I was just like, it was either, like, I was coming home in a bodybag or something had to give. And I just kind of, like, hit bottom and realized, like, that was it -- like, I had to, like, kick that."

Shaddix's sober anniversary will come a month after the release of Papa Roach's 10th studio album, Who Do You Trust?, which arrived last Friday (January 18th). The title track is currently Number Four on the rock radio chart.