Paul Stanley Says Streaming Is Unfair To Musicians

Paul Stanley is not a fan of streaming services. While promoting his just-released second memoir, Backstage Pass, the Kiss guitarist spoke about how the era of streaming music is benefiting everyone -- except for the people that actually create the product.

During a chat with Yahoo! Finance, Stanley pulled no punches when he laid out how music streaming works: "Overall, for the most part, it's unfair to the musicians, because anybody who's a laborer should be able to set their fee -- and then you either buy it, or you don't. When somebody, in essence -- and the whole way this started with streaming, was basically, 'We'll pay you 'X' -- or we won't pay you anything' (laughter)."

He went on to say that unfortunately the up and coming musicians aren't yet hip enough to the goings on in the music business to properly protect themselves and their work: "It's just something that I find really wrong. And I don't worry about me; luckily my rent's paid -- and then some, but. . . (laughter) there are young people who are making music, who may be very idealistic now and say, 'Money is not the motivation' -- but when you need to pay the rent, it will be."

Kiss performs tonight (May 3rd) Mexico City, Mexico at the Domination Festival.