Pete Townshend Calls Him And Roger Daltrey 'A Good Delivery System'


Fans are waiting with baited breath on the new Who album set for release sometime in either late-October or early-November. At the Who's last concert on July 6th at London's Wembley Stadium, the band premiered two songs from its still-untitled upcoming album -- "A Hero At Ground Zero" and "Guantanamo" -- an early version of which turned up on Pete Townshend's 2015 compilation, Truancy - The Very Best Of Pete Townshend.

Barring "Be Lucky," a one-off new track released on the band's 2014 The Who Hits 50! collection, the new Townshend songs will mark the first new Who tracks since the 2006 release of the Endless Wire album.

In an exclusive interview with us, Pete Townshend spoke frankly about the artistic and commercial merits of him and Roger Daltrey driving the Who in today's age: "It's not just about the largest numbers, it's about the greatest effectiveness. And I think that Roger and I, together -- once the creative work is done -- we're a good delivery system; that's what we understand. Y'know, maybe what I've done is found a balance between my solo needs, creatively, and my needs to feel that the Who was not just a stereotypical classic rock machine churning out songs that were eventually be used to sell soap powder. Y'know, we have really put down some very, very clear boundaries: This is what you get."