Pop Evil Singer Recalls Visit To Eddie Vedder's House

Pop Evil frontman Leigh Kakaty recalled a recent visit to the house of Pearl Jam singer Eddie Vedder in an interview with Boston radio station WAAF. Kakatay was brought to Vedder's house by producer Adam Kaspar, who has worked with both bands.

Kakaty recalled that once he was there, "I looked at (Vedder) and said, ‘I want to see your swag room.’ He goes, ‘What do you mean?’ ‘I’m talking about you Pearl Jam platinum, 50 bazillion sold, blah, blah blah.’ He laughs at me and kind of ignores me."

Kakaty continued, "So, we go walk in. He shows me the indoor basketball court that he’s got -- in the center of the court is The Who logo -- and we start walking up these stairs… and I’m like, ‘Stoooop, is that an MTV Moonman?’ And it’s broken to pieces and he’s got it as a doorstop. And so he looks at me and says, ‘Ahh. Obviously, you know what I think of MTV.'"

Kakaty added, "We go to (one of) his bedroom(s). There’s a huge Brian Urlacher jersey and this Shaquille O’Neal circular bed, and then we go in this huge closet area, and he says, ‘Pull this book.’ Boom! This hidden doorway pops up. I’m talking about closet-sized space, and there’s the Pearl Jam platinum in a hidden compartment."

The hidden compartment apparently doubled as a secret passageway to Vedder's garage, and Kakaty also noted that Vedder owned several other properties nearby, including one to house his "incredible" collection of Chicago Bulls merchandise.