Quickies: Ed Sheeran, Kris Allen, Zendaya & More


ED SHEERAN'S ‘DIVIDE TOUR' IS THE HIGHEST-GROSSING TOUR OF ALL TIME: Ed Sheeran's Divide Tour has set the new record for highest-grossing concert tour ever. A Hannover, Germany, show on Friday will put him over the top, getting the tour to $736.7 million in revenue. This will put Sheeran's tour just beyond the record of $735.4 million generated by the U2 360° Tour, which ended in 2011. These numbers don't adjust for inflation, however. Sheeran's tour has also lasted longer than the U2 one; it will have gone 893 days by the time it wraps up later this month, while U2's was 760 days. Sheeran's tour had previously passed U2's in terms of tickets sold. Sheeran celebrated the news as "amazing." He had evidently set his sights on accomplishing this feat long ago, with agent Louis Messina telling The Wall Street Journal in June, "He told me before the tour even started – I want to break U2's record."

‘AMERICAN IDOL' WINNER KRIS ALLEN WELCOMES THIRD CHILD, SON MARLO: American Idol season eight winner Kris Allen has welcome his third child with wife Katy. Kris announced the news on Instagram, with a photo of his sleeping newborn son. "Welcome to the world my new little man Marlo James Francis Allen!" he captioned it. "Yesterday really was such a great day. I could not be more proud of my wife. She is the definition of a superhero." Katy wrote in her own post that Marlo was born at 10 a.m. Wednesday at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville, Tennessee. He measured 21 inches in length and weighed 8 lbs., 3 oz. She also revealed that their six-year-old son Oliver Neil chose the name Marlo. As for the middle names, she explained, "James is after Kris' great grandfather, and Francis is the middle name of my grandfather, father and brother." Kris and Katy are also parents to three-year-old daughter Rose Elizabeth.

ZENDAYA RELEASES NEW SONG ‘ALL FOR US' ON ‘EUPHORIA' FINALE: Zendaya has a new song out! The 22-year-old singer/actress' new song started playing in the background during the season one finale of HBO's Euphoria Sunday night. Zendaya teamed up with Labrinth for the song titled "All for Us."

‘OLD TOWN ROAD' SIGNS DISAPPEARING FROM CANADIAN TOWN: Now officially the longest running No. 1 song in chart history, the obsession with Lil Nas X's "Old Town Road" has even reached Sicamous, British Columbia, where people are stealing street signs from an actual Old Town Road in the municipality. Municipal staff said multiple signs for the road have gone missing in the wake of the song's ascent up the charts. Officials say the cost of thefts isn't significant, and district staff likely won't even get the RCMP involved. Instead, they'll be selling replica Old Town Road signs for $25 each. "We're just having fun with it – turning a negative into a positive," said the staffmember. "Why not? It's fun, easy attention for the town." "Old Town Road" has spent 17 weeks at No. 1, beating out the previous record of 16 weeks, which was tied by Mariah Carey and Boyz II Men's "One Sweet Day" and Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee's "Despacito."

LINDSEY STIRLING & ELLE KING TEAM UP FOR NEW SONG ‘THE UPSIDE': Lindsey Stirling has dropped her new single "The Upside," featuring Elle King. The song is off Lindsey's upcoming fifth studio album, Artemis, which is set to be released on September 6th. "Not only is Elle incredibly talented but I love who she is as a person," Lindsey said in a statement. "She is full of energy, self-love and positive vibes and I think you can hear it in her voice. She was the perfect person to give a special touch to this song and I couldn't be more excited!" Stirling originally released "The Upside" as a solo piece on July 4th but surprised fans with a new rendition featuring The Ex's and Oh's singer on Friday. "Sometimes a song sounds great two ways," Stirling said on Twitter.

CLAUDIA OSHRY, AKA @GIRLWITHNOJOB, DROPS DEBUT SINGLE ‘TOAST': Claudia Oshry, the comedian behind the Instagram account @girlwithnojob, is breaking into the music world. The Instagram celeb, who has billed herself as "the world's first comedic pop star," has dropped her debut single "Toast." The word toast is in reference to Claudia's digital morning show The Morning Toast. "I would like to think of myself as a very young Mariah Carey, but honestly, it's a little daunting," Claudia said about recording the song. "I mean, I think maybe I'm a little too confident in my singing abilities. I really feel like I was put on this earth to sing, I got into that booth and was ready to belt like I was on Broadway."

NATASHA BEDINGFIELD DROPS ‘KICK IT': Natasha Bedingfield has returned with her new single "Kick It." The song is featured on her upcoming album Roll With Me, due out on August 30th. "Through so much of my life, music has been the thing that helps me to have faith and keep believing in the positive," Natasha said.