R. Kelly Evicted From Chicago Studio Featured On Surviving R. Kelly

R. Kelly is currently being evicted from his Chicago music studio where he housed members of his alleged "sex cult." According to The Blast, sources familiar with the industrial property, which is located on the West Side of Chicago, said that Kelly has two weeks to settle up with the thousands of dollars in rent he owes, or he risk being removed by the sheriff. Kelly is allegedly over $80,000 in arrears, and an eviction lawsuit was filed against him in July by the owner of the building, Midwest Commercial Funding. Kelly allegedly obtained his loan for the property through Midwest Commercial, and his contract guaranteed to a 10-year lease at a monthly rate of $22,927.41. After Kelly missed two balloon payments and fell back on the monthly check, the eviction process began.

In other news, Kelly will not be charged for allegedly giving a woman an STI. According to Complex, an anonymous woman alleged that Kelly gave her an STI and held her captive as a sex slave in 2017. Dallas PD reportedly looked into the allegations against Kelly, but TMZ reports that he will not be charged.

On another note, Faith Rodgers, who sued Kelly for sexual battery, is demanding that her lawsuit against the singer move forward. According to The Blast, Rodgers filed court documents in New York on January 8th requesting that a judge set a hearing in her case. Rodgers reportedly served Kelly with legal documents back in September at his Oak Park, Illinois home, but Kelly failed to respond to the allegations in court of hire a lawyer to represent him. Rodgers accused Kelly of mental and sexual abuse back in May, which ended with him allegedly infecting her with herpes.


R. Kelly’s younger brother, Carey Kelly, revealed on the Surviving R. Kelly docuseries that he was molested as a child, and so was his brother. According to VIBE, during a recent radio interview, Carey detailed the account of his molestation and revealed who was responsible; his late sister, Theresa.

He revealed, "My mom had to work and she was going to school, you know, to take care of us, so my sister watched us and my mama trusted her. I was pretty much afraid to tell my mama. I didn't know if she was going to believe me, I didn't know how everything would change by speaking up, so I was afraid."

Carey continued, "I really didn't notice right away when Robert was being held in the house. I can't remember when that took place but it had to be before I turned seven. I noticed he was in the house and I get to go outside now."

He said that the first time his sister tried to molest him, his reaction scared her off. Carey explained, "When I came in the room, she was in a robe and she opened up her robe. She didn't have anything on up under the robe and she told me to come over to her. As a kid in my mind, I'm confused because I know this is my sister. I'm six. I know this is wrong, and she's way older than me. At first, I thought she was playing, but she was insistent on me coming over to her and I was hesitant and she grabbed my arm. She took my hand and started rubbing it on her private part and I started crying. I guess that kind of scared her. Then she told me to go back to the living room. That was the first time she attempted to test the waters, so to speak."

However, she became more "aggressive" a week later. Carey said, "Robert and Bruce were allowed to go outside and she told me to sit in the living room...it was something she said that I did. She asked me a question and I don't think I answered it correctly, or how she wanted me to answer it...So this time around, she was more aggressive to the point. She took my face, and I'm short and she brought me into the room from the living room and she had the robe on again and she sat on the bed and she grabbed my head and put it down by her private part. She told me to lick her private parts. Of course, I didn't know what I was doing at six years old she was like 'stick your tongue out! stick your tongue out! lick it! lick it! lick it fast' She was giving me instructions. I just started crying and then she went down and she started giving me oral sex, even as a kid I know this was wrong. I'm not condoning this."

He added, "I never found the courage to tell her. I never found the strength to tell her what was happening to me."


Future has spoken out against R. Kelly. During an interview, while promoting his new album and documentary, The WZRD, Future was asked if he would record with Kelly. The rapper responded, "Man, who is that? I thought we had forgot about that." He added, "We’re giving it too much attention. When you give things too much attention, they blow up. That’s why his music gon’ do what it did ’cause y’all keep talking about it. Stop talking about it—it’ll go away."

On another note, Keke Palmer has slammed Kelly, whom she referred to as her former mentor. In a post uploaded to social media, the actress/singer said, "Having been around his light and understanding the obstacles he overcame as a child to actually be birthed into the musical genius he is today… All to put others through the same darkness he was running from is the most disheartening thing to accept. Many people experience hardships and do not allow themselves to find freedom through their passion enough to shine a light. R. Kelly received that grace from God. God blessed him to vindicate his childhood shortcomings and yet still he has slapped God in the face by his actions towards these women."

She added, "We have to be good to each other, not all of us accept the light but those of us that do must be responsible!!!! We can not take advantage of each other or accept when someone else does."

Additionally, Lisa Van Allen — who was featured in Surviving R. Kelly, revealed in a recent radio interview that R. Kelly likes anal penetration during sex. She said, "I can’t speak for him actually messing with young boys. But I will say that there has been times he wanted penetration himself. It was from a female but still but I mean."