R. Kelly's Sony Music Royalties Seized By Chicago Landlord To Pay Off Debt

The Blast has reported that R. Kelly's Sony Music royalties have been seized by his Chicago landlord to pay off a massive debt. According to court documents obtained by the site, Kelly's former landlord, Commercial Funding recently issued a subpoena to Sony Music Holdings, Inc and was able to get the music company to freeze $264,535 in Kelly’s biannual royalty account. The amount frozen by Sony was to pay off the $173,855.08 Midwest was still owed on a judgement awarded after Kelly stopped paying rent on his Chicago music studio.

After Sony froze Kelly's account, Midwest was able to then collect $154, 527.22 from one of Kelly’s Bank of America accounts after a "turnover order" was issued. After applying the payment from the Bank of America account, Midwest says that they only need $52,431.55 from the Sony account and Kelly will be clear on his debt.

Midwest is asking the court to allow them to retrieve the money from Sony.