R. Kelly Says There Is No Evidence Of Him Having Herpes


The Blast has reported that R. Kelly's attorney recently filed a long letter to the judge in his ongoing federal case, asking to be released from custody or granted bail.

The documents says, "Currently there is zero evidence that Robert has herpes, knew he had herpes, or knew he could have herpes and recklessly conducted himself. ZERO evidence exists, his team added." As previously reported, one of Kelly's alleged accusers Faith Rodgers, who has two lawsuits against Kelly, has actively cooperated with federal officials during Kelly's investigation.

Kelly's legal team has also stated that the singer should be released because prosecutors only have allegations from a "disgruntled groupie who alleges she has herpes and got it from Robert." It was also said that his accuser has allegedly not provided "one scintilla of evidence" to support her claims.


According to The Blast, R. Kelly is trying to get released from custody before his trial and has slammed his accusers, calling them "disgruntled groupies." In a letter to the judge, obtained by the site, Kelly's attorney claims the indictment against Kelly details "these groupies sought out Robert's attention, even fought each other for it, voluntarily contacted him, came to his shows, pined to be with him."

The attorney also addressed the allegations of one of his accusers and said, "An adult woman voluntarily met a rock star, eagerly and excitedly went to shows, hotels, recording studios and the like and engaged in sex with the rock star. Then she regretted it. Then she claimed that this rock star was the only person she had unprotected sex with for a period of about a year, and 'he must have been the one to give me an STD?' Even if all that JD#5 otherwise says is true, does it seem realistic that any rock star would risk his own life and have unprotected sex with a groupie he just met?"

The attorney also claims that "evidence will show that the Robert Kelly tours and shows would accommodate both male and female fans with access to the singer, picture taking, meet and greets, fan events, backstage passes and the like."