Rapper Blueface Kicks His Mom And Sister Out Of His Home

The Shade Room has reported that rapper Blueface kicked his mother and sister out of his home for his two new girlfriends. In an Instagram Live video, Blueface is seen putting his hands on and kicking his sister out of his home. The rapper’s mother appears to be recording the incident. The site reports that the incident stemmed from the new girlfriends not greeting Blueface’s sister and mother. The mother also threatens to call the police and asks the daughter to not record her on IG Live.

The rapper later took to social media and accused his mom of trying to gain "clout."

Meanwhile, his sister responded and said, "Moms visiting and I’m waiting for my apartment that’s ready tomorrow. Ain’t no free loading period everything you see me do I did for me. Sad what a b*tch can do to a n***a head. She must suck some mean d*ck."