Reginae Carter Speaks Against The #CucumberChallenge

The latest challenge to hit the net is the "cucumber challenge," where social media users are displaying how far they can fit a cucumber down their throat. Celebs such as singer Sammie and Growing Up Hip Hop star, Masika Kalysha, have spoken agains the challenge. In a post uploaded to Instagram, Sammie said, "Ladies: respect yourselves. All y’all following this "slurp on a cucumber trend" are making it that much for difficult for the queens aka good girls out here who desire respect from a good man."

He also said, "This goes back to my post when I said, social media killed the fantasy. We shouldn’t see everything. I’m a 32 year old man, sex, oral sex, sexy pics, etc (I’m with all of that.) But it should be displayed in exclusivity and between parties in which you can trust with such content. Not all over social media. Some women are legit going to grocery stores to suck on a cucumber (sexually) & putting them back on top of that (it’s 🤢). If you post things like that don’t be surprised or baffled when you become ‘PREY’ for that. Do better. & for the women that carries themselves with respect and class & I’m NOBODY, but I appreciate you. I wish my sister, female cousins would 😤😡!!!"

Masika also spoke on the challenge earlier this week, writing on Twitter, "Ladies please stop with this cucumber sh*t. Could you imagine your mother watching you doing that? There’s a classy way to do things ladies. Please stop choking on vegetables for n***as wit thumbs between their legs and cobwebs in their heads."

Reginae Carter even spoke against the challenge after her on-again-off-again boyfriend, YFN Lucci appeared to the promoting it. She said on Instagram Live, "The cucumber situation... I feel like to each his own, that's what you do but it's very degrading and it's not cute. Also, if you have a daughter...that sh*t is not cool. Honestly, the folks that's posting it and stuff like that you gotta understand if you got kids your kids is going to school and trust me people addressing your kids about that and it's not cool. Anybody that's promoting that and thinking that's cool I don't want to be nowhere near them."