Richard Simmons Sues PI for Allegedly Tracking Him

Richard Simmons, 68, and his caretaker and driver Theresa Reveles, have filed a lawsuit against private detective Scott Brian Matthews, claiming he illegally planted a tracking device on Reveles’ car. 

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the suit claims the P.I. followed Simmons and Reveles to find out if he was visiting hospitals. Matthews was allegedly attempting to ascertain whether Simmons was transitioning to become a woman, after various outlets, including The National Enquirer, had published stories claiming he was. 

  • The lawsuit says Simmons and Reveles discovered the device in December. In May of 2017, Simmons sued the Enquirer, on the grounds that the stories about him transitioning were false. A judge dismissed his claim, noting in his ruling that it is not defamatory to call someone transgender. The judge also ordered Simmons to pay nearly $130K in legal fees to the magazine. 
  • Simmons manager, Michael Catalano, told Page Six, “Even though Richard has messaged that he is taking a break from the limelight, he continues to be pursued as if he is concealing something newsworthy. He is not. All people have a basic right to privacy, famous or not. When a party illegally infringes on that right they must be held accountable. I am certainly interested to discover who engaged this individual to track Richard’s whereabouts without his consent.”