'Riders On The Storm' - The Doors


Writers: The Doors

Producers: Bruce Botnick and The Doors

Recorded: Late 1970/early 1971 in Los Angeles

Released: June 1971

Players: Jim Morrison – vocals
Ray Manzarek – keyboards, piano
John Densmore – drums
Robby Krieger – guitar
Marc Benno – guitar
Jerry Scheff – bass
Album: L.A. Woman (Elektra, 1971)

According to keyboardist Ray Manzarek, "Riders On The Storm" was the last song singer Jim Morrison ever recorded with the band – and possibly the last recording he ever made. After finishing the tune, Morrison left for Paris to live with his girlfriend. A few weeks later, on July 3, 1971, he was dead.

Longtime producer Paul Rothchild was fed up with the band by the time they got to this record and he quit, forcing the group to assume more responsibility for production (engineer Bruce Botnick co-produced).

During a meeting with the Doors, Rothchild referred to "Riders On The Storm" as "cocktail music."

Manzarek played bass for most of the Doors’ material on keyboards, but for the L.A. Woman album, the band used Elvis Presley’s bass player, Jerry Scheff (his son Jason took over for Peter Cetera in Chicago).

The lyrics of "Riders On The Storm" are thought to be autobiographical, with references to Morrison's childhood and to his long relationship withPamela Courson.

Released as a single after Morrison's death, "Riders On The Storm" went to Number 11, pushing the album to gold status immediately. It's since sold more than three million copies.

The Doors had previewed "Riders On The Storm" to concert audiences in Dallas and New Orleans in December 1970. The shows were the Doors' final performances with Morrison.