Riley Green Finds Social Media 'More Useful Than A Guitar' These Days

When Riley Green first started pursuing a music career, social media definitely wasn't as important to him then as it is now. A missed opportunity for an opening gig helped open his eyes. Riley tells us: "It’s definitely a tool. And I mean, I can remember my buddy John Worthington, is Sam Hunt’s road manager now, was a good buddy of mine in college and he called me one night and said that he had an opportunity to open for Travis Tritt in Georgia. Sam couldn’t do it and he was gonna throw my name out to ‘em. What did my social media numbers look like? I was like, ‘What does that matter?.’ You know he’s like, ‘Well that’s what they look at now.’ And of course I had a few hundred on Facebook or whatever so, didn’t get the gig but that got me mindful of that does have something to do with it. So it wasn’t really a tool to start with, it was just something I had to have. And then it got to be where I could post a video of a song I just wrote and see what the people that were following me around to these shows thought about it. So it is for as a tool is probably more useful than a guitar to me now and it’s crazy that it’s gotten to be like that but it really has."

Riley has 130,000 followers on Instagram alone these days, and a Top 15 hit with "There Was This Girl" to go along with it.