Robert Pattinson Is the Next Batman

Robert Pattinson will star as Batman in the next trilogy of films directed by Planet of the Apes-director Matt Reeves, according to reports. Warner Bros. bowed to Reeves’ preference after reportedly also wanting to see Nicholas Hoult in the role of the iconic superhero.

The studio reportedly met with Hoult and Pattison Thursday, and pulled the trigger on Pattinson, who rose to superstardom in Twilight Saga. He can be seen in the Rober Eggers-helmed The Lighthouse.

As with all Batman-related decisions that come down the pike, Twitter’s reaction was mixed, with several users posting tragic "NOOOOO!" tweets, but others saying Pattinson seemed like a "great" choice.

Most recently, Ben Affleck played an older version of Batman, and the reception to his take in Batman Vs. Superman and Justice League was not generally favorable.

Pre-production on this trilogy is set to begin this summer.