Roc Nation Submits New Evidence In Case Against Lawyer Representing Meek Mill's Judge

Roc Nation has submitted new evidence in the case against the attorney representing Meek Mill’s judge, Genece Brinkley. According to Complex, Roc Nation and Amazon have presented new evidence in their ongoing legal dispute against A. Charles Peruto Jr. Last September, Peruto sued both companies over leaked audio, where he is heard criticizing Judge Brinkley — who sentenced Meek to two-four years in prison over a probation violation. Her decision was the center of a six-part documentary series produced by Roc Nation and Amazon.

Peruto — who was hired by Brinkley after she accused Meek’s team of defamation, was one of the individuals who agreed to be interviewed for the project. During the interview for the series, Peruto said about Berkley and her handling of the case, "Let me tell you something, that was hard to do because defending this judge . . . She looks f**king awful." This audio has since allegedly been leaked.

Peruto, however, claimed that the comments were off-the-record, and accused producers of editing the audio and sharing it with the media. Judge Gerald McHugh asked for the audio to undergo expert analysis to determine whether or not it had been modified. The defendants submitted court documents that indicate from two forensic experts that the audio was authentic. The court documents read, "Even though they are recompressed into different formats, their content accurately reflects the dialogue recorded in the original evidence files."

The defendants are now waiting to see if Judge McHugh will dismiss Peruto’s lawsuit based on the experts’ analysis.