Roseanne Barr Says She's Mulling a 'Really Good' Offer to Return to TV

Roseanne Barr, who was fired from her highly successful TV show after a racist series of tweets, says she is currently fielding offers for other television projects.

"Inside every bad thing is a good thing waiting to happen and I feel very excited because I’ve already been offered so many things and I almost already accepted one really good offer to go back on TV and I might do it," Barr said in an interview on Rabbi Shmuley Boteach’s podcast. "But we’ll see."

The 65-year-old did not provide details on the new show. She also opened up about signing away her rights to Roseanne without compensation as a "penance."

"I just knew that was the right thing and I want to do the right thing because I’ve lived my life, most part of it, to do the right thing for all people, not just Jews," she continued.