Royal Birthday Wishes Get Slammed (Again)


Cue up the most overzealous eye roll you can muster. Pretty much anytime Meghan Markle, Prince Harry, Prince William, and Kate Middleton hit up Instagram these days, a large swath of the population freaks out. This week, it's over birthday wishes to Meghan, who turned 38.

While last week everyone was getting worked up about Meghan and Harry's overly casual birthday missive to their nephew Prince George, now everyone is sputtering over Kate and William's birthday wish to Meghan.

The missive that got everyone upset: "Wishing a very happy birthday to The Duchess of Sussex today!"

Huh?, you may be asking? What's wrong with that? The issue seems to be the pic, which featured all of them, plus Prince Charles.

Here's a selection of the outraged responses:

  • "It was better to choose a picture of herself alone."
  • "Wait...and why doesn't she have a picture of her alone? It's 'HER' birthday right?"
  • "All these royal photographers couldn't find a pic of Meghan in the center?!?! In a brighter color???????????"
  • "Why a picture of the whole royal family?! It's not about Kate or Wiliam sic or Charles! It's about Meghan! Ridiculous!"
  • "That they chose an image where Duchess Meghan isn't centered though the post is dedicated to her birthday speaks volumes as to the Cambridges' lack of class."