Sammy Hagar: Van Halen Management Frequently Dangles Reunion Offers

There won't be a Van Halen reunion for either Michael Anthony or Sammy Hagar -- but that isn't from the lack of interest from the band. Although Michael Anthony recently confirmed that Van Halen had contacted him back in October with interest towards some possible road dates featuring David Lee Roth, and Eddie and Alex Van Halen -- in the end, there was never any follow-up and nothing came of it.

On May 10th, Hagar and Anthony's supergroup, the Circle, will release its first album of all original material, titled Space Between. The band, which also features Jason Bonham and guitarist Vic Johnson, kicks off its next string of dates on April 19th at Reno, Nevada's Grand Theatre.

During an exclusive chat with Sammy Hagar, he revealed that the Van Halen camp is frequently dangling reunion offers in front of him and Michael Anthony. We asked him if he's heard anything from the band recently: "Nothin' -- are you kiddin'? It's like, every now and then they throw -- y'know, management -- throws something at me or something at Mike, sayin'. 'Hey, what are you guys doin' next summer? Y'know, Ed and Al are talking about maybe doin' this or maybe doin' that.' And I'm goin' -- 'I'm workin' next summer (laughs).' I mean, they wanna talk to me? Talk to me. Mikey -- same thing: 'He said, 'Yeah -- let me know' -- and then you don't hear nothin'. So, it looks to me like it's a rumor. I'm not the one that can honestly say it's official, but in my world, we're going out and tourin' this summer and nobody's tellin' us we can't"