'Shakedown' - Bob Seger

Writers: Bob Seger, Harold Faltermeyer, and Keith Forsey

Producers: Harold Faltermeyer and Keith Forsey

Recorded: Early 1987 at Oasis Studios, Los Angeles

Players: Bob Seger -- vocals
Harold Faltermeyer -- synthesizer, keyboards
Dan Huff -- guitar
Keith Forsey -- percussion
Album: Beverly Hills Cop II soundtrack (MCA, 1987)

"Shakedown," which was recorded for the Beverly Hills Cop II soundtrack, was Bob Seger's first and, so far, only Number One hit.

The song came to Seger after his friend Glenn Frey of the Eagles passed on the chance to do "Shakedown" for the movie. Frey had already had his own Beverly Hills Cop hit with "The Heat Is On" from the first movie. Frey's manager called Seger and offered him the song instead.

Seger accepted, although like Frey, he didn't care for the lyrics. He wound up keeping the chorus but rewrote the verses himself. "There were a lot of lyrics about working undercover," Seger said. "I didn't like them, so I threw them out. I decided to write it my way, and they trusted my judgment."

Fellow Detroit native Frey -- who had sung on previous Seger hits such as "Ramblin' Gamblin' Man" and "Fire Lake" -- had no regrets about passing on "Shakedown" and even congratulated his old friend on the success. Seger recalled, "Glenn...called me up and said, 'At least we kept the money in Michigan!'"

The Beverly Hills Cop II soundtrack reached Number Eight on the Billboard 200 and was certified platinum.