Shinedown Drummer Says Band Is A Democracy, But Brent Smith Is Leader

Shinedown drummer Barry Kerch said in a recent interview with Wisconsin radio station WZOR that while the band is a "full democracy," it's singer Brent Smith who leads the way. Kerch explained, "You have to have a leader, and Brent's good at it. He's driven in a way that I don't have, and he's got the gift of gab, which . . . when it comes to business and getting in there and getting in somebody's face, I don't have that. I'm too nice -- I'm very nice."

But Kerch maintained that all four members of the band have an equal say, remarking, "One cool thing that we always do before we kick off a tour cycle, we get in a room -- the four of us -- and hash it out. So we bring anything up that bothered us in the past . . . we just call each other out, tell each other the problems we're having, come to conclusions, and then we can start with a fresh slate."

Smith himself told us a while back that he's always felt like he has a responsibility to be a role model to the fans: "I've never said that we're rock stars but I will say that we're role models, because there are a lot of people in the audience that look up to you. Sometimes, you know, it's like, you'll find that kid and they really want to be you, you know, or be like you. You have a duty to show them how to be a real artist, be a real entertainer, be a man or be a woman. That's a duty upon yourself that you asked for, so respect it, and also respect the people that are watching you."

Shinedown's latest album, Attention Attention, came out last year and features the crossover hit "Get Up" and the new single "Monsters." The band will kick off an extensive spring and summer tour on May 3rd at the Beale Street Music Festival in Memphis, Tennessee.