Shinedown Issues Live Video For Massive Hit 'Get Up'

Shinedown has released a new live music video for its anthemic single "Get Up." The clip consists of a collection of behind-the-scenes moments on tour and live footage from the road that gives an inside look at the effect that the song is having on both the band and its fans.

The chart-topping track has been streamed more than 27 million times and was inspired by frontman Brent Smith watching bassist Eric Bass deal with clinical depression.

"Get Up" appears on Shinedown's sixth studio LP, Attention Attention, which Bass also produced. It marks the first time that Bass has produced an entire Shinedown album and Smith told us his bandmate was well prepared throughout the process: "Eric never walked into the studio on any given day and didn't know what he was gonna do. He was never walking around scratching his head. He had a very, very clear focus, we all were on the same page with one another, he welcomed all input at all times. But he always had the big picture in mind."

The 14-song follow-up to 2015's Threat To Survival is also Shinedown's first concept record, telling the story of a character who starts out defeated and slowly overcomes pain and personal struggles and becomes confident at the end. The album also lyrically touches upon Smith's former drug addiction and Bass's depression.