Skillet's John Cooper Says New Single Is About Making Your Life Count


In an interview posted on Blabbermouth, Skillet's frontman John Cooper said he didn't realize his music was positive until recently. He laughed and commented: "When you start writing music, you're not smart enough to know what you're good at and what you're bad at. You sing it, and maybe it sucks; maybe it's good. And people kept saying, 'Man, it's really positive music.' And I was, like, 'Is it? I don't know.'"

When asked about the new single, "Legendary," he said, "It's about making your life count. You're only here for a short time. Don't get to be 80 years old and go, 'Crap! I never became who I wanted to become.' Own your life."

"Legendary" is from Skillet's album Victorious, which was released on August 2.