Skillet Unveils Details Of New Album, Shares Single

Skillet will release its 10th studio album, Victorious, on August 2nd. The follow-up to 2016's gold-certified Unleashed includes the first single, "Legendary," which is now online. Frontman John Cooper told Billboard about the new LP, "When I was looking at what we did well on Unleashed, I thought it was a real energizing and fun record to listen to. That's what a great Skillet record is -- songs that make people want to put their fists up in the air at a concert or get them through a run or drive or whatever they are doing."

Cooper told us that music has always been about empowerment for him: "Music was never about sex, drugs, rock 'n' roll for me, it was just about the music. It's about the way I felt the first time I heard 'One' by Metallica. I was lifting weights with my friend, he was like, 'Check out this band, Metallica.' And I was like -- it made me want to pump more, you know, go for 10 more sit-ups. It just made me feel good."

Cooper added, "We got to really dig in and try anything we wanted to try . . . It's quite a musical record. I think it's a little bit more musical than we've done in a long time."

John and and his wife, keyboard and guitar player Korey Cooper, co-produced six of the 12 tracks on Victorious and co-produced two additional songs -- the most production they've handled for a Skillet record in their career.

Skillet and Sevendust will embark on the co-headlining "Victorious War" tour in August and September. Pop Evil and Devour The Day will also be on the bill. The tour kicks off on August 11th in Memphis.