Slash Confirms Guns N' Roses Dates In Fall, Hints At Album Plans

Guns N' Roses guitarist Slash has confirmed in an interview with Chile's Futuro 88.9 FM that the band will reconvene later this year for what he called a "small tour in October." The group is already confirmed as one of the headliners at Kentucky's Louder Than Life festival, scheduled for late September. This will mark the band's first live show since ending its reunion tour in December 2018.

Slash added that following those dates, Guns N' Roses may start working on a new studio album. He remarked, "There's been so much talk about this Guns N' Roses record, which we haven't actually done anything with. So we're gonna sort of focus on that. And then (Slash's solo band) the Conspirators will be (regrouping) some time coming up, depending on what Guns N' Roses is doing."

Slash was also asked for his thoughts on Motley Crue's recently released Netflix biopic The Dirt, saying, "I thought the Motley movie was great . . . It really took me back to the early days in the '80s and all the way through their career, because I just remember everything that happened along the way."

Despite the fact that he enjoyed The Dirt, Slash said that he has no interest in making a GN'R biopic. He explained "I wouldn't wanna do a Guns movie like that. I couldn't imagine trying to find somebody to play the different members of the band. It just doesn't even seem possible."

Slash told us a while back that he wasn't interested in seeing his own 2007 memoir made into a film either: "The one thing I wouldn't have them do or allow them to do would be to actually do the book with the characters in it, the way that they are in real life as far as who they are. You know, if you wanted to take the story and make up some people (laughs) and change the names and all that kind of stuff, and make everybody fictional, it could be interesting. But if you were gonna try and go, 'Okay, this is Slash and this is Axl (Rose) and this is Slash's mom, and this character's gonna play Scott (Weiland),' no, I wouldn't allow it."

Slash did say he wouldn't mind compiling a documentary film featuring material shot at the height of Guns N' Roses' success more than two and a half decades ago. He revealed, "I think we have a lot of concert footage from the '90s in the can -- like, 24-7 footage from 1991 to 1994, of just every day on the road with Guns N' Roses . . . it's been sitting in a vault for years. And I would love for that to be edited at some point and put out. So we'll see if that ever happens."