Slipknot Guitarist Says He Could Not Have Stayed In Stone Sour


Slipknot and former Stone Sour guitarist Jim Root said in a new interview that he and the singer for both acts, Corey Taylor, would have ended up killing each other if Root had stayed in Stone Sour.

Root told Metal Hammer, "Corey and I are much closer now. It's the best thing, me leaving Stone Sour. We would have just ended up killing each other and driving each other crazy. I can't spread myself that thin. I needed it, this band needed it and Stone Sour certainly needed it. I just didn't have the time to commit that I'd have liked. I think they were tired of my s**tty attitude, that's for sure."

Root was dismissed from Stone Sour at the end of 2013 -- even as he and Taylor were working together on a new Slipknot LP. Root spoke with us not long before he was fired about the difficulties of balancing both bands: "You know, when you're in two bands like this, man, there's some big sacrifices that eventually have to come along and there's some, you know, kind of grown-up decisions you have to make and not all of them are gonna be easy decisions to make."

Root did not speak kindly of Stone Sour in interviews after he was dismissed, saying, "Some of the guys in Stone Sour, I think they just want to be a radio band and write strictly for radio and try to be more of a poppy rock band. And that's not really what I'm into."

Root and Taylor are now happily preparing for this Friday's (August 9th) release of the sixth album from Slipknot, We Are Not Your Kind.