Slipknot Singer's Mask Brings Back Painful Memory For One Fan


Although some Slipknot fans have objected to singer Corey Taylor's new mask, one fan has shared a powerful and emotional story explaining his attachment to the mask, as detailed in a post on the Slipknot reddit forum titled "Corey's mask - not what you're thinking."

The person who wrote the post explained, "I personally love it for reasons I have not noticed pointed out by others yet. Corey's mask is a REALLY close comparison to a mask I had to wear for almost two years called a TFO, a transparent facial orthosis."

The fan then told a story about a house fire he was caught in when he was five years old. The individual suffered third-degree burns to his face and had to have several skin grafts to repair the skin. He needed to wear a transparent mask to assist in the healing by reducing swelling and preventing further injury to the scar tissue.

Taylor's mask apparently looks similar to the mask this man had to wear after suffering the burns. He revealed that seeing the mask brought back a flood of emotions, saying, "All of it . . . The teasing, rock throwing, the exclusion. The Freddy Kruger references. The healing. The normalization. The self pity. The realization. The acceptance. The determination."

Taylor later replied on Twitter, writing, "Wow. I’m humbled by that story, and so glad that it could explain something I was trying to describe. This album is indeed about rising above the pain and being reborn. And the mask is also a reflection of it all."