Suzanne Somers Defends Morgan Freeman, Bemoans #MeToo Culture

Three’s Company alum Suzanne Somers is defending accused sexual harasser Morgan Freeman, calling him a “big flirt” and saying she hopes the #MeToo Movement doesn’t end the art of seduction.

Speaking to Fox News host Laura Ingraham on The Ingraham Angle Tuesday, she addressed how she hopes the #MeToo Movement changes Hollywood—but not too much.  

“Well, this probably won’t be real popular, but I think that women...I totally understand the Weinstein and Bill Cosby, that’s like, of course. But you know, like Morgan Freeman's a big flirt. I know him really well. He sees you and he’ll like your dress and he’ll like your hair, and he’ll like a lot of things.”

She continued: “I hope the dance doesn’t stop. It’s seduction. It’s flirting. All those things are really fun. So I hope there’s a way we can find a nice medium with that.”

In May, eight women accused Morgan of misconduct in a CNN report that outlined his alleged behavior. He denied the allegations.