Taylor Swift Holds Secret 'Lover' Listening Session In London


Some lucky Swifties spent Friday evening at Taylor Swift's home in London, getting an advance listen to her new album Lover.

Taylor personally selected a small group of fans to come to her London house for a special listening party ahead of the highly anticipated release.

According to posts on social media, fans weren't allowed to share many details from the Lover session; however, a few gems managed to sneak out. One fan noted that the album contains a mix of bops and tearjerkers, describing the 18 tracks as having "something for everyone." Another Swiftie shared that Taylor's favorite song of all time is on her upcoming album.

As for the party itself, one fan recalled there being heart-shaped pink, purple, and blue Rice Krispies Treats, which were also featured on Taylor's Instagram, and fans were greeted with custom Lover M&Ms and dozens of board games.

Taylor's also guests posed for selfies with the pop star, and they took home tote bags and other Lover swag as a souvenir. Lover comes out August 23rd.