Texas Has Made A Big Impact On Midland

Even though Midland isn’t originally from Texas, they all live there now and the Lonestar state has made its mark on them and their music. Bass player Cameron Duddy tells us more: "We want to entertain you, not with just our music, but with what’s going on, on stage, and charisma and engaging. So yes, people will show up, but you also gotta keep ‘em engaged. And that is where we sort of cut our teeth and figured out who we were as performers in Texas, which I think sort of circles back to how are you guys the poster children of Texas and no one was born there, is because this is where we found ourselves as artists or musicians. We’re musicians, we’re performers. And that’s where we found ourselves and our home and that is why we are so entrenched in that way of life. And it’s not just Texas either, by the way, it’s any sort of simple way of life."