The Jonas Brothers and Their Significant Others Have a Blast at Surprise College Concert

While living it up at a surprise concert at a college bar in Penn State college, the Jonas Brothers and their significant others declared themselves the "#JONAI" in an Instagram post.

After all six of them starred in the music video Sucker last month, they've kept active on social media to document every moment of the Jonas Brothers reuinion.

Priyanka Chopra and Sophie Turner captured these fun moments, before and during the show at the small, crowded college bar. They began posting on their flight to Pennsylvania, calling themselves "#Jsisters".

Things only escalated from there, as the Jonas Brothers eventually began dancing and performing on tables at the bar while college students chanted, "Lady Stark!" and took shots.

While a new album is still in the making for the reunited band, it is reported that 40 new songs have been recorded, and in the meantime, they are clearly enjoying the ride!