Thomas Rhett Eager To Share 'ACM Award' With His Daughters

Thomas Rhett says his definition of success has changed with each birthday. After winning Male Vocalist of the Year at Sunday night’s (4-7) ACM Awards, he noted that his phone had lit up with text messages from friends, but what he seemed most excited about - was to get back home and share it with his daughters. Thomas Rhett told us this: "It’ll be really cool to get home. Literally we were in Australia last month playing some shows and um and I’d just got done doing soundcheck and Willow gets out the car and she’s like, ‘Daddy, I’m so proud of you.’ And I was just like, first of all, how do know how to say that. Second of all, just melted me. It’s been really awesome to share some of these moments with the kids, the way I did with my dad as well. So, it feels like it’s coming full circle in a way, so I do this for them, man I write songs for them. And it’s be really cool to show them this trophy when it comes in the mail in probably 6 months, so."