Tom DeLonge Used To Hunt For Bigfoot And UFOs On Blink-182 Tours

Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker recalled that former Blink singer and guitarist Tom DeLonge, who's famous for his fascination with the paranormal, used to want to look for UFOs and the mythical ape-like creature Bigfoot whlile on tour.

Guesting on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, Barker explained, "We used to get loaded and just look out the bus window (for UFOs) and I used to do it with him -- it was kind of a bonding experience."
He added, "With Tom that was his thing . . . We'd just sit there and like stare out the bus window and look at UFOs."

DeLonge would take it further when it came to tracking Bigfoot. Barker said, "He would even go as far as when we were on tour (to be) like, 'Let's go and f**king look for Bigfoot.' Whatever it was. And he would assemble a crew and they would go do it." But Barker would stay off those expeditions, noting, "He never got me on one of those trips because that was just too fairy tale for me."

DeLonge told us not long ago that his interest in the paranormal stretches back to his childhood: "In the seventh grade, I got super into just UFOS and weird paranormal stuff. I just thought it was madly interesting to me because basically all those studies and all these people talking about their experiences was letting me know that there was a much larger world out there. Even though we don't understand what it is, at least there was something bigger than the mundane kind of minutiae of our day-to-day lives."

Barker concurred that DeLonge has been interested in the otherworldly since "the day I f**king met him," although the latter's obsession ultimately led him to leave Blink. Barker added, "To, like, honestly to walk away from your very successful band to go do that s**t . . . I have nothing but respect for his passion."