Tracee Ellis Ross Talks Baby Questions, Black-ishControversy

If you can’t set boundaries, Tracee Ellis Ross will do it for you.

The happily single star opened up to Vanity Fair about some of the intrusive questions she got while promoting ABC’s Black-ish when her character was expecting her fifth child.

  • "Last year, I was pregnant all season," the 45-year-old actress says in a special edition of Vanity Fair. "That brought on a lot of comments and questions and pontifications from people with no invitation."
  • So she answered their questions. Firmly.
  • "I literally have said to people, for real, no joke, 'Why don't you just get out of my womb? Like, get out of my uterus. What are you doing in there? And why are you asking those questions? And what makes you think you can ask that?'" According to Ross, a "siloed-off experience" has been created for women "with one answer for what a good life looks like."
  • The daughter of Diana Ross defines the good life differently, she explains.
  • "I saw a woman who just was making a path and doing it on her own. She didn't have hundreds of people doing everything for her—my mom always packed her own bags and cooked our food."


  • The Hollywood Reporter also landed an interview with Ross, in which she discussed the episode of Black-Ish that got pulled because it addressed the NFL kneeling protest.
  • Dubbing the situation "frightening," she said: "The details of why the episode was pulled and everything that has surrounded that, I do not have the answers for. To a certain extent, I have purposefully stayed out of those conversations because I’ve had no power to do something beyond that.
  • In May, ABC’s entertainment president Channing Dungey said the decision was mutual between the network and the show’s creator, Kenya Barris.
  • Last month, the NFL instituted a new policy requiring players to stand for the anthem or remain in the locker room while it plays.