Warrant Issued For Offset's Arrest In Cell Phone Incident

An arrest warrant has been issued for Offset of the Migos for allegedly smacking a cell phone out of a fan’s hand at a Target store in Sandy Springs, Georgia. According to TMZ, while Offset was shopping a fan named Junior Gibbons pulled out his iPhone and tried to take a video of the rapper. The fan said, "What up, Offset?" The rapper replied, "Get the f*** out of my face." He then allegedly knocked the phone out of the fan’s hand and onto the floor.

Police investigated the situation and issued a warrant after Gibbons filed a police report last Friday (April 26th). It is unclear the charges Offset could face, but it is considered a felony because the phone costs $800.

Meanwhile, according to People, Offset’s attorney claims the rapper is being "exploited." Offset’s attorney Drew Findling told the publication, "Kiari Cephus is being exploited by a type of person looking for his 15 minutes of fame and eventual pay day. This incident, which took place when he was trying to buy items for his youngest child, was not reported to the police for four days. This so-called victim took to social media for an extended 15 minutes of fame. There has been no investigation, and nothing has been shown to indicate Mr. Cephus is the cause of any damage to this person’s property. This felony warrant is disgraceful and this case should be dismissed."