Yandy Smith Pepper Sprayed While Protesting Outside Of Brooklyn Jail

Love & Hip Hop: New York star, Yandy Smith, was pepper sprayed while protesting the inhumane prison conditions outside of the Manhattan Detention Center in Brooklyn, New York. According to TMZ, Smith led a rally on Sunday (February 3rd) outside of the detention center, where inmates have reportedly been without electricity and heat for several days.

In a video that has surfaced social media, Yandy used a speaker system to ask prisoners if they have been given blankets or if their toilets work yet. The prisoners responded by not banging on the windows. When asked if they have not received the items, the inmates fiercely banged on the windows.

Journalist Shaun King also shared details about the jail not having heat or electricity on social media and said, "I just left this jail in Brooklyn. It is FREEZING. And nobody was there to fix the heat or electricity. NOBODY. No emergency crew. Nothing. 6 straight days. Just protestors chanting ‘They are human beings’ as the men bang on the windows in the cold. It’s clearly not a priority. It’s egregious. THE ONLY REASON it has not been fixed is because our government does not believe these men are fully human."

The lights were restored on Sunday night, but it is unsure if the heat has come on.

The Federal Bureau of Prisons said that a fire destroyed an electrical panel inside of the jail and prevented access to backup generators.