Dior Pulls Ad Featuring Johnny Depp Following Backlash


A new Dior ad for Sauvage cologne featuring Johnny Depp has been pulled following a backlash. The ad depicts what Dior characterized as “an authentic journey into the Native American soul in a sacred, founding and secular territory”.

In deleted images that were reshared, images showed a Native American in traditional, feathered, ceremonial dress dancing on a mountain in the desert. 

Behind-the-scene shots showed Depp calling for sensitivity: “In this particular episode, there was a need for authenticity, there was a need for respect of the land, of the people, of the nation that allowed us to shoot here.”

But commentators on social media said the brand appropriated indigenous culture to market that translates from French into “savage.” Others criticized the description of the fragrance, which noted its “warm oriental tones,” saying it was “racist.”

In addition to pulling the ad, Dior deleted footage from social media. Dior hired cultural advisors from Americans for Indian Opportunity in a bid to avoid charges of cultural appropriation.