Halsey Announces New Single, �Graveyard,� To Drop Friday The 13th


Halsey has been gearing up for the release of her third studio album and has revealed her next single via social media.

Halsey announced that the new single, “Graveyard,” will be dropping September, Friday the 13th.

She also unveiled the eerie cover art. On it, Halsey – dressed in all black – stares directly into the camera against a lilac and pink background. There’s a filter over the majority of the image, which adds a spooky feel. The art is also loaded with what most fans presume are hints about both the tracklist and new album.

In the photo Halsey posted, next to the song title, it says “(A)01” – that same letter/number combination is also repeated near her head. There is also a “H3” further down on the image. Those same letter and number combinations appeared in Halsey’s video for “Nightmare” as well.

Fans believe that the (A)01 indicates that Halsey has recorded this album as herself – Ashley Frangipane. The “H3” simply means it is Halsey’s third album.

A faint letter “H” can also be seen in the artwork, as well as a barely visible line underneath that fans say reads “Anime (17).”

“Graveyard” follows her smash girl power anthem, “Nightmare.”