Hellyeah Forced To Postpone Several Shows


Hellyeah has been forced to cancel several upcoming shows so that guitarist Tom Maxwell can prepare to undergo hand surgery. Maxwell is scheduled to go under the knife this month to treat a condition called "trigger finger," which is caused when the tendon becomes stuck as it passes through a pulley in the palm of the hand.

The band has canceled shows in Jacksonville, North Carolina September 6th, Greenville, South Carolina on September 7th and Concord, Virginia on September 8th. Maxwell explained on social media, "I was scheduled to have surgery following our last show at Blue Ridge Rock Festival. My condition has worsened and my physician has advised me against performing again prior to surgery."

He added, "I was previously involved in a car accident and broke the middle finger on my left hand. I now suffer from trigger finger, a condition that causes my finger to lock. I received a series of cortisone shots to alleviate the problem, however, the cure rate is about 70%. Unfortunately, that procedure did not work in my case."

Hellyeah has been touring in support of its sixth studio album, Welcome Home, which arrives on September 27th. The LP is the last to feature drummer Vinnie Paul Abbott, who died of heart disease in June 2018 shortly after completing his drum tracks.