Kanye West Interviews Kim Kardashian For Vogue Arabia


Kanye West has interviewed his wife, Kim Kardashian, in the latest issue of Vogue Arabia. Kanye asked Kim about the negative news stories and if they affect her. She replied, “When it’s about my family, I get really protective. Most of the time when things are so baseless or absurd, I have a good laugh. But as far as dealing with it on a daily level for me, I’m pretty content. If it’s about you, or the kids, or my sisters, I can get worked up when I read things that are false or negative. But when it’s about me, I’ve learned how to block out the noise for the most part.”

He also asked what she thought of him when they first met. To that, Kim said, “This was before you released your first album and you were known as a music producer. I was really shy. You thought I was Brandy’s assistant, which I wasn’t. Ever since you said that, it’s everywhere… like ‘Kim is Brandy’s assistant.’ I was her friend and stylist. [laughs]. I thought you were attractive, nice, very charming, really funny, powerful – I was in awe of you, but I was really shy, quiet, and a little nervous, to be honest.”

On why the couple works so hard, Kim explained, “We have such big visions of what we want our life to be. But for me, it’s probably not as big of a vision as yours. I saw my parents work so hard growing up; my dad always respected hard work, which is such an Armenian trait. Their hard work influenced me from a very young age.”