Kristen Stewart Talks Social Media, Fame, Jean Seberg


The famously private Kristen Stewart is ready to inch into the spotlight. She plays famed New Wave French star Jean Seberg in Seberg. The biopic explores her complex life, which included the FBI targeting her for her political activism, and a desire for more serious roles onscreen. Jack O’Connell and Vince Vaughn co-star as FBI agents targeting her. 

Stewart tells The Hollywood Reporter that her admiration for the star grew while playing her in Seberg. She explains: “There’s this game you have to play in order to keep your platform. And she did it fervently. I didn’t realize that all this hunger behind her eyes and just this excited, exuberant need to connect with other people is what made her jump off the screen.”

She adds: “She was a really compassionate humanitarian in a time when people didn’t want to stomach that. The platform turned against her. To sacrifice something you love for other people is really admirable and a courageous thing to see. We should definitely know her for more than the short haircut.”

She also admits that she’s ready to embrace fame herself. 

Stewart says: “I’m ready for all of it! Yeah. I’m so proud of the people that I’ve worked with recently, and I really want other people to see that in an expansive sense. I’m not intimidated by it at all.”

She continues: “I don’t have social media, but there is an interaction that I acknowledge and at times I covet. There’s this polarized climate we’re living in, and it’s not hard for me to show my politics. It comes up in my work and my day–to-day conversations. I like that interaction, and I’m so lucky to have it,” said Stewart.